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Throckmorton Computing Services

Throckmorton Computing Services

Kansas State University

1302B Throckmorton Ctr.

Manhatan, KS 66506



Throckmorton Computing Services Webapp Information

This web based application (webapp) is developed in-house by Throckmorton Computing Services (THCS), with Arthur Selman as the project architect and programmer.

The webapp is hosted on servers built and designed by THCS. The webapp runs completely on GPL and open source software, and is self supported by THCS.

How To Get Help

Submit a trouble ticket here.

Contact Arthur Selman via email

If the issue is URGENT, you can also try calling or texting Arthur's cell: 785.556.6737

You can also submit an URGENT ticket via the ticket system here.


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Privacy and Collection of Information

Cookies are used on this site to communicate state information, and to store encrypted authentication tokens that are used for, well, authentication of course.

No Private information is transmitted unencrypted when using this site, as the site uses SSL encryption at all times.

Your use of this site is tracked only when logged into administrative interfaces, and only the actions you take and data you change are tracked.

The web server does log traffic information which stores metadata about each page visit, including your ip address, browser type, date and time. These logs are rotated out of existence every eight days.


LAST_ACTIVITY => 1670024795
CREATED => 1670024795
device_mode => Computer
is_mobile =>
work_mode => Update Info
actual_crop_year => Winter 2023
crop_year => Winter 2023
working_crop_season => Winter
working_crop_year_code => 2023
working_crop_year => Winter 2023